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A deflationary, community-oriented coin that provides rewards for holders through redistribution of coins, while simultaneously impacting the lives of the needy via community-selected charities, with no cap whatsoever.


Fair Launch

All tokens were released to the liquidity pool and listed available via Pancakeswap. No Pre-Sale!

AntiWhale Feature - 4.5T Max Buy each time!

Liquidity πŸ”’

The liquidity pool is currently locked (100%) for 6 months to begin and as time goes on, extended locking periods will be made. Ownership renounced as well! 

Community Driven

Have you seen our community? We have no doubt NCC will be huge. Not only do we have an outstanding marketing team, our amazing community is full of people ready to spread the word!


Initial Supply

1,000,000,000,000,000 coins
of the initial supply burned at start  


5% fee auto added to the liquidity pool and locked  
5% fee auto distributed to all holders
We reward holders with a 5% transaction tax which deposits NCC directly into your wallet every time someone buys or sells.

Project Funds Wallet

5% of the initial supply reserved for marketing/charity/community funds

There will be no coins distributed to team members/investors or any early team dumping.


Note: Certain items as described in the roadmap are NOT guaranteed to be completed in the listed month. As with any project, we may run into unexpected circumstances that may delay a task or process. This also means that if we are ahead of schedule, we may be able to initiate and/or execute more during the prescribed month.
Early stages

The beginning...
Coin backend & tokenomics implemented
Social medias setup
Whitepaper/Roadmap development
Liquidity investors acquired
Minor marketing campaign
Updated website design
Successful launch
Refine community platforms & social medias
Social media promotions from influencers
Establish moderation team for socials
Community contests
NCC Merch designing & processing
Expand core marketing/management team
Audit through TechRate
Strong focus on community growth &
Powered ascent
Initial listing talks & funding
Smart contract audit
Application for CMC Listing
Application for CoinGecko Listing
NCC virtual marketplace planning (Non-NFT)
NCC Merch Drop
Social Media influencer campaigns
Listing on several different exchanges
Further strategic marketing campaigns
NCC virtual marketplace idea presented
Whitepaper/Roadmap expanding
NCC partnership talks
Charity events planned & voted on by the
Preparation for Roadmap upgrade πŸ‘€

Meet the team

Project Manager
Strictly carries several years of experience in the crypto world and with his knowledge in computer science will help find future use cases for NCC

Project Manager
Flnal holds multiple years of experience with crypto and with his background in civil engineering, his project management expertise will be vital.
Community Manager
Trick has extensive knowledge in dealing with projects surrounded by large communities. His expertise is information systems & technology.
Community Manager
Miika brings forth his community management skills and is known for his knowledge in development and programming
Marketing Manager/Investor
Joggerss brings forth his experience in marketing and engineering management and is a valued investor of the project.
Marketing Manager
Napalm has years of experience in business management which will be essential towards the success of this project.

Raw Envy
Marketing Manager
Raw Envy has several years of experience with community-driven projects and his expertise lies within digital & technology solutions.
Web Developer
Pyrl carries years of experience in the development-scene. With his background in computer science, his knowledge will be extremely important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you guys start this project?

The team has known each other for nearly a decade now and have always had a passion for helping others and being involved in large communities. Having seen the impacts some of these successful projects are making, we decided to give it a go as our first, official crypto project.

Will the liquidity be locked? How many β€œdev” wallets will there be?

The liquidity pool will be locked (100%) momentarily after launch for 6 months to begin and as time goes on, extended locking periods will be made. Shortly after launch the contract ownership will be renounced as well.

The only developer wallet there will be is the Marketing/Charity/Community funds wallet which has 5% of the initial supply reserved, there will be no coins distributed to team members/investors or any early team dumping. If you have any further questions regarding this topic feel free to ask!

How will NoCapCoin be different from other memecoins?

NoCapCoin guarantees to have our liquidity locked as stated above and able provide a rug-proof environment throughout the process. The overall goal of NoCapCoin has been primarily focused around helping those in need. More information regarding this topic listed in our official Whitepaper!

Will the team dox themselves?

As of right now, no. Down the road? Yes. We don't feel the need to dox ourselves at this stage of the project. This is our first project and we don't feel comfortable with it. If it ends up successful and reaches a stage where we feel doxing ourselves would be beneficial, we will do it. However until then, we don't see a reason to do so right this moment. If anyone on the team feels comfortable with it they will do so, honestly we don't prefer the terminology "doxxing" because of the practice behind it.

How will you guys prevent a pump & dump from happening? Any future use cases down the line?

We want to incorporate the idea of a meme coin and combine it with a long-lasting coin. It’s taken other meme-coins months, and we are ready to invest our time into this to make it blow up. We’re aware of how many coins flop after the initial outburst. We have planned several marketing approaches following the launch of the coin. Alongside marketing, we hope that once people realize the legitimacy of this project, people will spread the word, bringing in more people.